Dennis Misigoy for US Senate (Florida)



Prepared to Deliver Real Change

Often when polled, the majority of Americans agree that we need a third party in American politics. We recognize, to the point where it has become cliché, that the choice between the two old parties offers us, at best, a slightly lesser evil. But who among us is content to see that evil retain power over our federal government? As a Libertarian who has served as a local elected official in Miami-Dade county from 2016 to 2021, I am prepared to stand up to it. That's because I've already had the

experience of standing alone as the only elected representative guided by correct principles and serving the people of the community in a deliberative body, and I not only endured that inevitable adversity, but I overcame it and delivered on promises of change. Just like on my board, I know that the first Libertarian in the Senate will stand alone at first, and need to endure that challenge before the tyranny of the duopoly can be overcome. It won't happen overnight, but we can't afford to wait to begin.