Desarae Lindsey for Texas

Why Run for Texas State Senate?

 I am not a politician.  I am a person who loves people and wants more than anything for the world to be a better place.  Every individual is important.  Love is my driving force.  Nothing brings me more joy than seeing happy smiling faces.  

If I was to experience the honor of being chosen by the voters to serve, I have no desire to rule anyone.  I am not qualified - nobody is.  Only you can make the best choices to best serve yourself and your family.  That’s my primary purpose in running for State Senate.  The old parties of the divisive duopoly have divined themselves overlord, master, and keeper of all humans being.  They hold our fates in their hands, while in reality do harm to those they purport to serve.  

A culture shift is necessary in order to ensure inclusivity for ALL within the political process, and there is no higher honor, responsibility, or purpose than serving your fellow humans.  We will employ a grassroots, GOTV campaign strategy and utilize compassionate messaging in order to bring an inclusive option to every voter in the district.

I wish to enact legislature to expand freedoms for ALL.  We must remove any barriers to freedom and justice, and a life of joy and peace.  None of us are free until we are ALL free.